It's starting to look like fall!

With over 1,600 flowering plant species, including 100 species native trees, the Smoky Mountains are a great place to be during the fall. Usually mid to late October is the best (and most crowded) time to see the colors change in the park, but up at higher elevations, you can already find a great display of colors.

You can see all the yellows and browns along the mountainside.

This is undoubtably my favorite time of year, and while I'm really bummed that I can't be spending it in Chicago with friends and family, I really can't think of a better place to be than up in the mountains on a hike with a view like this.

Who wouldn't want to hike when you're surrounded by such beauty?

For someone like me, who's constantly looking for the best shot, which is both a curse and a cliche, it's sometimes easy to miss the little things.

I probably should have looked up the species of this flower.

I want this color in a paint.

With my parents coming to visit this week, I'm afraid they may have picked the perfect time to come this year. Too bad for them. And while there's still a lot more color to come, it's always that first time you see the trees begin to change that you're filled with that magical feeling that fall has finally come.